Once you are ready to work with influencers its time to setup a campaign. Rather than repeating instructions to influencers, the campaign form acts as a centralized set of guidelines for influencers to reference and follow. You should be a specific as possible but allow for some creative freedom so that the final content does not look scripted.

Campaign Details

  1. Select the company that influencers will be promoting (only applicable if you have a multi-brand account). 
  2. Enter a catchy campaign name that will make it easily identifiable from other campaigns and standout to influencers. 
  3. The landing page is a URL on your website that influencers will link to from their content. You can overwrite this for each individual influencer later on.
  4. Decide if you would like your campaign displayed to all eligible influencers by selecting the marketplace visibility. Keep it private if you do want to receive inbound interest from influencers, in this scenario you can only send invites.
  5. Does your campaign include payment to influencers or do you intend to only send free product or service? Select the appropriate compensation type, but be aware that you may receive less offers if you are not open to paid collaborations.
  6. Define your budget per collaboration if you are open to paid collaborations.
  7. The campaign brief is the most  crucial part of the campaign builder and you should take some time to provide concise and explicit instructions to the influencers. One of the keys to successful influencer marketing is to not stifle the influencers creativity. Therefore the instructions should focus upon pragmatic details:
  • Does the influencer need to take any steps before submitting content?
  • Should the influencer put a link in their Instagram bio? 
  • Do you have a promotion of coupon code that should be called out?
  • Are there different guidelines based upon each social network?
  • Should the influencer submit visual content such as a video or photo?
  • Are their any brand guidelines or words that the influencer should avoid?

Influencer Criteria

This is applicable for all campaigns that are public to the marketplace. Here you can select some basic criteria for receiving inbound proposals from influencers. You'll asked to select the posting platforms, countries, gender, age range and categories. This will help you to receive more qualified proposals from influencers within your budget, in the right locations and with the correct content focus. 

For first time users, we recommend that you define some broad criteria and then narrow down the focus as your campaign progresses. All filters can be updated at anytime. 

Preview & Enable

Preview and an enable the campaign if it looks good! This is how it will appear to influencers in the marketplace so feel free to make any last edits. Once enabled you can start collaborating with influencers.

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