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How to track and report upon your campaigns performance

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You can access the performance metrics of a campaign at anytime by clicking on the analytics tab. The Socialix system will automatically track the performance of creators in your Socialix campaigns as well as external creators. This is a handy feature as it allows your to centralize your work with our creators, creators you work with direct and even creators on other platforms.

Tracking Settings

You can add a set of "keyword filters" plus a set of "tracked creators" to automatically capture creator mentions in your report. Socialix will monitor all creators accounts that you add into the system and provide a global report of activity.

Adding External Creators to Socialix

Under the connections tab you'll have the option to add creators one by one or upload a bulk import. Once you've added your creators, you'll be able to see the tracking status and decide if you'd like to include them in the reports. Toggle between "tracking on" and "tracking off" to include or exclude creators from your report. Please note that creators will not show in your report if they have made no keyword mentions.

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