When developing the content it is important to follow the guidelines and communicate with the brand if you are unsure on any specific details. You have complete control over the content and the brand is looking for your creativity to shine through. This means that you should submit your content idea through the platform while ensuring that all of the guidelines are respected.

To ensure that the brand is happy with you content, you will need to submit your idea through the platform for a review. The advertiser will either give immediate approval or will request modifications to the content. In most cases the feedback will be minor edits, such as spelling mistakes, grammar, linking and minor changes to the message itself. The brand most approve of the content before it can be published and payment released, however you can push back on modifications if they do not fall within the guidelines stated from the beginning. If for any reason you are not happy with the brand’s modifications, please contact Socialix for help.

It is important that you submit the content correctly through the platform. Please note that YouTube videos should be set as unlisted before content is approved.

For Instagram Stories, please refer to our help page here: http://help.socialix.com/help-for-influencers/submitting-instagram-stories

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