Socialix offers a real-time chat environment for you to manage collaborations. You can open conversations with influencers and discuss the campaign with the influencer before accepting a proposal. The work flow will help you to manage the following steps with all collaborations.

Workflow Summary

  1. Reaching Agreements
  2. Shipping Product (optional)
  3. Approving Content
  4. Sending Payments

Reaching Agreements

You will receive proposals from interested influencers if your campaign is listed as public to the marketplace. Review the proposal details to check if the influencer has grasped the concept of your campaign and we also recommend that you check the influencers profile to see if their metrics, audience and content is qualified. You can decline influencers if they are not a good ti.

For privately listed campaigns, you will initiate the discussion by sending invites to influencers directly from their profiles. The influencer may respond with questions or with a proposal for you to review. You can openly chat with influencer before accepting proposals.

Once an agreement is reached, funds will be taken from your account balance and held in escrow until the influencer has completed all collaboration steps below (if a flat payment has been agreed). Agreements can be cancelled if the influencer does not follow your campaign guidelines or if they miss the content submission date.

Shipping Products (optional)

For added convenience, Socialix facilitates the shipping of products to influencers with pre-populated mailing addresses (verified by influencers) and shipment tracking numbers. We highly recommend that you do not ship products to influencers before reaching an agreement.

Influencers will in turn confirm when the product is received before working on their content. Offering free product is great way to negotiate with influencers and incorporates proof of concept into their content. You should factor in the time to ship when setting a content submission deadline.

Content Approval

Influencers will create content for you and submit their ideas through the platform. This is your opportunity to check the content for accuracy and be sure that you are happy with what the influencer intends to post. You can request modifications to the content or if it's ready you can approve for publishing. Advertisers should be respectful of influencer content, after all they know how to grow an audience and keep them engaged. Influencers are required to make modifications to their content if they have not followed the campaign guidelines.

Sending Payment

Approved content will be posted by the influencer and links will submitted through the platform as proof. You can check that the posts are live and request any last minute changes. Check that the content has not changed from what was previously approved and ensure that links, coupon codes and hashtags have been included.

Once you hit approve, funds held in escrow will be released to the influencer. If no action is taken, funds will be automatically released after 72 hours.

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