There are two ways in which you can start working with brands. The first is for a brand to contact you through the platform with an offer, the second is to look at the marketplace and apply for campaigns that would be a good fit for your audience. You should always read the brand’s guidelines and to understand what is expected of you before sending or accepting offers.

  • Private Campaigns: This occurs when the brand finds your profile and extends an offer to join a campaign. The offer will include the payment amount, the deadline, the platforms that you should post on and a brief message. Offers are pre-funded and held in escrow until you complete the assignment. You can review the offer and either accept, decline or counter.
  • Public Campaigns: The marketplace of campaigns is available to all influencers, however certain campaigns may be excluded from your account if you do not match the advertiser's criteria. If you are eligible for a campaign then you can send an application along with a price and message. The advertiser will then have the opportunity to review your offer and accept, decline or counter.

How to Negotiate

You can negotiate offers with brands and either request a higher reward or a longer timeline. Please understand that advertisers have budget limitations and strict timelines and you will run the risk of missing out on the deal if the brand then declines your counter offer. In the case of a public campaign, you cannot negotiate if the brand accepts your initial offer, however they may counter your application. In private campaigns you have the power to lead the negotiation first, in public campaigns the brand has the power to initiate negotiations. If you are not prepared to accept a brand’s final offer then you can decline.

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